Suzuki's Lean Burn Control System enables you to go further, faster, for less

Suzuki is renowned for being at the forefront of four stroke technology and creating outboard motors that boast a variety of innovative features. Their latest generation of outboards are no different - not only are they lightweight, compact and powerful but they deliver class-leading fuel efficiency, courtesy of Suzuki’s Lean Burn Control System.

First introduced on the DF70A, DF80A and DF90A models in 2008, this proven technology is now featured on a much wider range of models, which are as follows:


DF25A/30A (Suzuki’s latest models)






The latest models to benefit from the Lean Burn Control System are the DF15A, DF20A and the brand new DF25A and DF30A which have all had a unique battery-less electronic fuel injection system designed and built to enable them to run with Lean BurnControl System.

Suzuki’s Lean Burn Control System predicts fuel needs according to operating conditions. This allows the engine to run on a more efficient fuel mixture through the use of a lean air fuel ratio. A normal petrol engine will run with an air fuel ratio of 14.7:1, whereas a Lean Burn system can increase this ratio to a far higher point with a significant increase in fuel efficiency. The Lean Burn process requires fuel to be injected into the cylinder at a precisely controlled rate and volume with a richer air-fuel mixture at the start of the injection cycle, assisting ignition, to a weaker one at the end.

This creates a longer burn time and a more controlled explosion of the fuel, over the full downward stroke of the piston. This in turn means that there is power over the whole combustion stroke and subsequently a more efficient and complete burning of all the fuel available; leading to more power for less fuel and less emissions.

Unlike other manufacturers, Suzuki’s Lean Burn Control System has been developed so that it delivers these benefits over a wide operating range, providing significant improvements in fuel economy from low speed operation into the cruising range.

For example, Suzuki’s own testing has shown that the new generation DF40A and DF50A outboards use 23% less fuel than the previous 40hp and 50hp models, mainly in the cruising range, which is where the engine is used for the majority of the time. Also the DF300AP and the DF140A are both 14% more fuel-efficient than the original models.

This is great news for both leisure and commercial boaters as Suzuki’s unique Lean Burn Control System gives these new outboards a superiorselling point over its competitorsby providing a wide range of lean burn which enables the outboard to run on less fuel right up into the high speed range.

Suzuki’s new generation outboards continue to be extremely well received by boat owners and the marine media. This has been reflected in sales and helped Suzuki to be the fastest growing outboard brand in Europe. There is no reason to doubt that market reaction to the new DF25A and DF30A will be any different thus helping Suzuki further toward the top spot as market leader.


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