Suzuki leads the way with world-first innovation in the marine industry - Suzuki Keyless Start System

Further to the announcement that Suzuki has launched its latest lightweight and fuel-efficient model – the new four cylinder DF200A/AP – the manufacturer is leading the way with innovation by featuring its Keyless Start System on the DF200AP model.

Suzuki has been at the forefront of outboard technology since 1965, and the Keyless Start System is the latest feature to set Suzuki apart from the competition.

A first in the marine industry, the Keyless Start System uses a coded key-fob to transmit an access code to the engine’s starting system. When the key-fob is within one metre of the console, the user simply turns on the ignition system switch and starts the engine with the push of a button. When it’s time to leave, the user can turn off the engine, switch the ignition system switch and head off for home. With the key remaining safely in the user’s pocket, the system offers simple, stress-free operation while reducing the risk of a lost key. The system makes for an excellent theft deterrent since the outboard will not start without the proper access code. And further to this, the key-fob floats so the user can retrieve it should it ever go overboard.

Masahiro Yamamoto, General Manager for Suzuki Marine European Liaison Office, explains, “We’re pleased to bring the Suzuki Keyless Start System into the marine market as it will provide boaters with enhanced security and convenience. Our engineers take a lot of time and care over the development of new technologies and we’re confident this system will prove popular among our customers when this outboard becomes available in early 2015.”


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