Suzuki introduces new lightweight 15hp and 20hp models with power tilt

Following the successful launch of its class-leading portable DF15A and DF20A outboard motors last year, Suzuki has also announced that it will be introducing a new 15hp and 20hp model with power tilt. This is in direct response to customer demand and will make it effortless to raise and lower this versatile little outboard.

Suzuki will begin production of the new DF15AT and DF20AT models this month and they are expected to be available to buy from early this summer. Your local Suzuki dealer will be able to advise more accurate timings.

Weighing in at just 53.5kg, the DF20AT is the lightest 20hp outboard on the market with power tilt and the only 20hp outboard with Electronic Fuel Injection and power tilt, which massively enhances its usability.

All of the new DF15AT and DF20AT models benefit from battery-less Electronic Fuel Injection, which is a world first in the 15hp (11.0 kW) and 20hp (14.7 kW) classes. The new Electronic Fuel Injection system is also combined with Suzuki’s Lean Burn Fuel Control system, which results in a number of benefits for boaters such as; easier starts, more responsive acceleration, smoother performance and above all, greater fuel efficiency.

To achieve this, Suzuki engineers designed a completely new fuel injection system for these models, which includes; an inline high-pressure fuel pump, a throttle body and small fuel cooler, vapor separator and fuel injector. By designing these component parts to be smaller than those used on larger Electronic Fuel Injection engines (DF40-DF300) the overall weight of these new models has also been kept as low as possible.

Another feature that contributes to making these high performance, portable outboards so simple to use is the easy start recoil starter, which results in effortless and quicker starts.

The compact size, light weight and addition of power tilt to the new DF20AT and DF15AT make them an ideal power match for a wide variety of boats, including; small RIBs and tenders, day boats for in-land waterways and small fishing boats to name but a few. In particular, these new outboards will be ideal for entry level boating.

Masahiro Yamamoto, General Manager for Suzuki Marine’s European Liaison Office, said, “Since we launched them, the new DF15A and DF20A have been incredibly popular and in response to further customer demand, we have introduced these model derivatives with power tilt. We believe that this feature will make them even more versatile.”


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