New look for Suzuki's genuine parts and accessories packaging

Suzuki has recently introduced bespoke new packaging for its Marine Genuine Parts to make them easier for dealers to display and easier for customers to find the product they need in dealerships.

In line with its impressive product development rate, Suzuki is also continually trying to improve all other areas of its business, including packaging for its products. The new packaging has been designed with both the retail customer and the Suzuki dealers in mind. Each product is clearly marked and each pack has been designed to enable dealers to easily display the products.

Whether you're looking for optional parts to enhance your boating experience or spare parts for maintenance, Suzuki offers a wide selection of genuine parts and accessories designed to complement your outboard motor.

Ranging from propellers and fuel systems to instruments, control systems, and anodes, Suzuki has got it covered.

Suzuki’s control systems range from mechanical remote control systems to the electronic throttle and shift systems, which include the drive-by–wire Suzuki Precision Control System for the DF300AP.

All of Suzuki’s genuine parts and accessories deliver the same quality, dependability and innovation as the outboard motors themselves, which is why more and more customers are insisting that dealers fit them.

Masahiro Yamamoto, General Manager of Suzuki Marine European Liaison Office said, “We understand that due to the current economic situation,theimportance ofregular dealer servicingis increasing. Our engineers are just as passionate about providing the very best in genuine parts and accessories as they are about the outboards themselves and this new packaging will go a long way to making the smaller parts a lot more visible in dealerships.”

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