New Suzuki Troll Mode System Launched

In a move that will delight fishermen and commercial boat users, Suzuki has announced the introduction of the Suzuki Troll Mode System for its DF40/50/60 and DF70/80/90 outboard models, which will give boaters very fine control over engine speed at low revs.

The Suzuki Troll Mode System is easy to use and comes complete with a specific tachometer and independent control switch. The system can be used with Suzuki’s SMIS digital gauges or with new ‘dual scale’ analogue gauges. Also, the control switch for Suzuki’s Troll Mode System can be installed anywhere on the console to suit the helmsman’s preference.

The actual trolling control setting is programmed into the engine’s ECU and once the engine is in gear, the helmsman simply needs to push the Troll Mode switch to engage it. Once it has been activated, the engine’s revs can be adjusted in 50rpm intervals simply by pressing the Troll Mode control switch from idle up to 1200rpm. If the helmsman needs to increase the revs above this, on the throttle, then the system will stay activated up to 3000 revs. If 3000 revs are not reached and the throttle is closed the system will revert back to the last setting.

This system will enable fishing boats to move at a constant trolling speed and it will also assist skippers of workboats when they are manoeuvring at close quarters.

Yasuharu Osawa, Group Leader for Suzuki’s Marine Division in Europe said, “We are always looking to enhance our range of outboard motors, whether it be with new models or new technical features such as this new Suzuki Troll Mode System or the Lean Burn Fuel Control Technology. We believe that the end-users will find this particular feature extremely useful in both the leisure and commercial boating markets.”

The Suzuki Troll Mode System will be available on DF40/50/60 and DF70/80/90 outboards manufactured from June 2011 onwards and customers can obtain more detailed information on availability from their local Suzuki dealership.


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